industry 4.0

Innovative and sustainable integration

For us at STAMNOS Energy IND4.0 means sharing the great opportunity to invest in hardware and software capital goods related to manufacturing processes with our customers, and also invest in tools for improving sustainability, that is monitoring and energy efficiency systems, with an increasingly return in terms of tax credit.
Since 2017, we have been supporting our customers with the necessary tools to ensure compliance with all the requirements to make use of this benefit, by signing a partnership with internationally accredited energy certifier bodies , in the form of a ” conformity certificate“.

What we do

Pre-feasibility study

It is a first compliance verification check of the machines against the prerequisites for their interconnection, once installed.


We recommend the customer a service of integrators between the customer and the companies that produce the goods up to the certification of the requirements by means of a certificate of conformity.

Feasibility study

Once the customer accepts the offer, an in-depth technical feasibility analysis is carried out to verify the activities to perform and the objectives to reach , while drafting a feasibility study (SF).

Implementation and field check

With the help of the company technician, the proposed solutions are implemented, and all the interconnection requirements to be met are verified  even if??? not required by regulation.

Audit with accredited certification body

Subsequently, integration activities are carried out to verify the interconnections in compliance with the associated requirements

Issue of a certificate of conformity

Once the operability of the machine has been verified, , and after testing that it is operating within the production cycle, a certificate of conformity is issued and sent by certified e-mail together with the final technical report.


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