Measurement and monitoring

What we do

Our services in this area are developed through a medium-term contract (24 months), with a monthly fee, proportional to the number of measuring points monitored, including periodic reports and meetings to analyse data and make consequential decisions.

We also offer our customers services to verify the correctness of their energy bills (electricity, gas, water), according to the ARERA resolutions in force and according to their contract of supply.

The more than 50 companies that have chosen our services are the best testimonials for the validity of the sustainable path that STAMNOS Energy® puts at the center of its mission.

Measure to perform

Every intervention aimed at ensuring an improvement must be based on solid foundations, and measurements are the foundations of these basis. And we always start from here.

Measure and monitor trends over time of own consumption of electricity, gas, compressed air, water is at the basis for any further evaluation and action towards a conscious and sustainable energy efficiency, essential elements for a much-needed energy transition.


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